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Prizes, accolades and other things I am proud of:

Recipient, Katharine Susannah Pritchard Writers’ Centre/Four Centres Emerging Writers’ Program, First Edition Retreat October 2019

Memories of Markets’ Second Prize, City of Subiaco Local History Awards May 2017

The House of Women’ First Prize, City of Subiaco History Awards May 2015

The Long Day Before Christmas‘ First Prize, Summer Agenda Writing Competition 2010 The West Australian Published January 22nd, 2011                                                                          http://frommumtome.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/my-winning-short-story.htm

Four short stories published in Beyond the Diaper Bag (2011) Edited by Megan Bekkedahl and Melaina Lausen ISBN 978-1-257-04638-6

Kelley’s Place’ Finalist, Summer Agenda Competition 2011                                                         The West Australian Published December 31st, 2011                                                 http://frommumtome.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/kelleys-place.html

The Brutal Truth About the Third Child III: The First Birthday Party’ Prize winner annual short story competition Parenting Express  Published December 2013 http://www.parentingexpress.com/Stories/Memoirs/0275.htm

Blogs and other digital content 

Blog headerRelentless is a personal blog I started in 2010, capturing all the mundane moments of motherhood that make you laugh and occasionally cry. It is where my viral post The Brutal Truth About the Third Child can be found, but more recently I have been writing about my youngest daughter’s journey since being diagnosed with severe dyslexia.


weekend notes

WeekendNotes is an online review site which effectively allows people to write about what they do on weekends (or during the week). It spans almost forty countries world-wide, with the primary focus on Australia, the UK and the US.

As one of Perth’s highest ranked writers, with over 916,000 readers and a global ranking in the Top 15 writers, my work at WeekendNotes has been a fun part of my writing life.

I wrote my first article for the Perth site of WeekendNotes in June 2011 and haven’t stopped since, although I write much less these days as other writing priorities have taken over. In August 2016 my 500th article was published, something less than twenty writers have yet managed on the site. Rankings at WeekendNotes are based on a complicated algorithm but pretty much comes down to page views and how often you write new articles. All writers are paid a (teeny tiny) share of the advertising revenue earned on the site. The more clicks, the more you earn, so as a writer you learn quickly about the art of catchy titles and adventurous topics.

Due to my love of food and status as a parent, I tend to focus on restaurant reviews and family-friendly events and places. I write lists detailing free and interesting events because I like being able to help people by saving them time and money.  I always do background research and try to include something from behind-the-scenes.

Like all my writing, I hope to tell you a story and put you there, so you can make your own mind up whether you would like to go.

Unlike my feature articles which cover the more serious aspects of my work, I am free to write about the lighter, more quirky things in life. My article on ‘Share Food Etiquette‘ came to the attention of the Sunday Times who interviewed me as a Perth Food Blogger. I have written about the history of men in high heels. The dark secrets of Perth Zoo. How to find your future husband. The real story behind Baskin Robbins. Why some charities don’t need your money. How to run a cake stall. Tips on wine tasting for the clueless. The strangest things you can hire in Perth. There’s not much I haven’t had the audacity to write about.

Click to go to my profile page at WeekendNotes to read my 650+ articles.

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In 2015 I was approached to take on the role of Chief Editor of a new website called Perth Mums Group. As well as writing over 100 articles, in this role I also edited and published the work of other writers, and oversaw the social media accounts on Facebook.

Shortly after I was offered a similar role at Free Perth. Free Perth quickly became one of the largest online communities sharing the wealth of free events and activities in Perth, with over 60,000 followers. Based on this success, in January 2017 I was asked to establish Perth Kids Events, which would cover all free and paid events for families and kids across Perth.

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