Free Perth and Perth Kids Events

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In 2015 I was approached to take on the role of Chief Editor of a new website called Perth Mums Group. As well as writing over 100 articles, in this role I also edited and published the work of other writers, and oversaw the social media accounts on Facebook. Shortly after I was offered a similar role at Free Perth. Based on the enormous success of Free Perth, in January 2017 I was asked to established Perth Kids Events, which would cover all free and paid events for families and kids across Perth.

All of these sites are owned by On Topic Media, and are dedicated to promoting the very best of Perth life – whether it be places, topics or news that affect parents, or the huge range of exciting free events that take place across Perth. While I resigned the role of Perth Mums Group Chief Editor in late 2016 after almost 12 months, I continue to write for the site and am proud to be part of the group.

Free Perth continues to grow quickly (50,000 followers in April 2017), and as Chief Editor I am thrilled to oversee one of the largest online communities sharing the wealth of free events and activities in Perth. Perth Kids Events now has over 11,000 followers on Facebook and publishes an easy to read list of the best events for kids every week.

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