About me

My name is Shannon Meyerkort and I am a Perth-based writer. I founded the blogs Relentless and Fundraising Mums, and was employed as the inaugural Chief Editor for Free Perth, Perth Mums Groups and Perth Kids Events. I write regularly for a number of different sites such as WeekendNotes and Perth Mums Group.

Although I have always loved writing, I haven’t always been a writer. I originally started out as an anthropologist (that’s the study of human culture, not bugs) and undertook a Masters of Public Health with the intention of working in sexual health. But life has a way of interfering with well-laid plans, and soon after I married, we moved from Perth to Sydney and then Canberra and back to Perth. As we travelled I found work as a researcher in various hospitals and universities across Australia, undertaking both social research and clinical trial work.

It was after my second daughter was born and we knew we were planning a third, that I realised a career-change would be required. After three long months of sessions with a career counsellor she came up with two options: event planner and writer. Although I love planning a good party, the choice was always clear. I had wanted to be a writer since I was a child.

Before leaving, she gave me one piece of advice that I have never forgotten: she told me ‘Shannon, remember that as a writer, your life will be like a jigsaw puzzle, with lots of pieces that all fit together to form the picture of your career. Some pieces will pay well, others you will just write for the love of it, some pieces will satisfy you creatively, others will just be ‘work’, one piece may be a long novel, others will represent smaller pieces of work. Over time the puzzle will grow and a picture will form, but you will always have many different elements to your writing life.’

jigsaw banner

I have written a lot since then. I now write children’s stories. I review restaurants. I edit. I am working on my first novel. I freelance for various companies and have seen my work published in newspapers, magazines, books and on websites across the globe. I have a hundred different ideas for articles pinned to a corkboard above my desk.

I released a number of eBooks in 2015 including two children’s stories and a book called The Brutal Truth About the Third Child, all of which are available on Amazon. In all of my writing I call on my experiences as both a researcher and a mother, and my study and love of people.

So that is me. Welcome to my site – have a look around. I hope you enjoy my words, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.