Writing the Time of COVID-19

When I’m immersed in writing a book, I tend to utilise the wee, dark hours when there’s little chance of being disturbed or taken out of the world I am creating. I may change screens to research a quick fact, or display images that evoke a mood or scene I am writing, but I tryContinue reading “Writing the Time of COVID-19”

The First Lines of Australian Novels Rewritten for COVID-19

I admit this isn’t an original idea, but it’s a very good idea. First someone decided to rewrite the first lines of ten classic novels for social distancing. I’m taking the liberty of rewriting the opening lines from 25 of my favourite Australian novels for the Time of COVID-19. Apologies to all concerned.   InvisibleContinue reading “The First Lines of Australian Novels Rewritten for COVID-19”

The History of Daylight Saving in WA

I recently finished the first draft of a book set in Perth which spans three decades from the 1960s to 1980s. Researching this time frame has brought back many memories – how many do you share? For anyone who believes daylight saving was invented in the 1980s just to torture children, you may be surprisedContinue reading “The History of Daylight Saving in WA”

A Whoop In The Dark

The year was 1994. The Wollemi fossil pine had been discovered, Australia experienced its first political assassination and the country had just moved to the eight digit telephone number. It was the year I attended my first – and last – music concert. For a girl who had a fear of large crowds and insufficientContinue reading “A Whoop In The Dark”