What’s it Like Receiving Free Stuff?

I had been writing for WeekendNotes for quite a while before I received my first freebie. I was offered a free lunch at a café in West Perth in return for a review. I was absolutely terrified, so I took my Mum as support. As you do. But you remember that saying… there’s no suchContinue reading “What’s it Like Receiving Free Stuff?”

So, You Want to be Restaurant Reviewer

I have been doing restaurant reviews in a very informal capacity since 2010 when I started writing for WeekendNotes. I was looking for a paid writing job that I could do in my own time, and the advert to write about ‘things you could do on your weekend’ appealed to me. I was regularly eatingContinue reading “So, You Want to be Restaurant Reviewer”

Brown Eyes and Spaghetti (My Side of the Story)

The other day was Valentine’s Day. The day before that was my 14th wedding anniversary. And the day before that I spent an hour staring into the brown eyes of not one, but two lovely young men, neither of whom happened to be my husband. I’ll explain. In Perth, there are two main food critics.Continue reading “Brown Eyes and Spaghetti (My Side of the Story)”