The ANZAC Boys

Perhaps the most tantalising story Gwenyth told me about her aunt, Doris, was in response to my question about why she had never married. Gwenyth explained that many years after Doris had died, she found out from her father (Doris’ younger brother, Walter) that when Doris was very young, she’d had a sweetheart – aContinue reading “The ANZAC Boys”

How I came to start my novel, Part III: Doris Turpin, the teacher

This is the story of the second owner of the ‘House of Women’, and the woman whose story my novel is loosely based upon. Doris was born Doris Isabel Turpin in 1893 to Isabelle ‘Bella’ Stokes and Walter Turpin.  She first appeared in the 1916 electoral roll, when she was living with her parents atContinue reading “How I came to start my novel, Part III: Doris Turpin, the teacher”

Brown Eyes and Spaghetti (My Side of the Story)

The other day was Valentine’s Day. The day before that was my 14th wedding anniversary. And the day before that I spent an hour staring into the brown eyes of not one, but two lovely young men, neither of whom happened to be my husband. I’ll explain. In Perth, there are two main food critics.Continue reading “Brown Eyes and Spaghetti (My Side of the Story)”