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The Writing Process

Pitching and after your book is published

Perth History

Novel Specific


Short stories



The writing process

Author Talks: How to pitch your book [updated]

How to assess the readability of your book

How I write

Your brain is a cheat and a liar

Taking your character out for tea

Finding talismans and motifs for your story

Starting from scratch (again)

Finding beta readers

Writing character arcs

Addicted to flashbacks

Why you should keep a record of rejection

Interviewing experts for your novel

Writing in the time of COVID-19

Weasel words and tips for writers

Hearing the voice of the writer

50 foolproof writing prompts that will motivate anyone

How to self-publish an eBook on Amazon

Machiavellian Bastards (writing dramatic dialogue)

My failures as a writer

After your book is published

Lessons I learned from my book launch

How to hold a book launch (from published authors who have done it before)

Virtual literary speed dating: do’s and don’ts

How to pitch your book (and yourself)

Perth History

Researching the Past (in Perth)

Really old books and how they disproved an ancient grudge

It’s A Small World

UWA Student Protests Stop Traffic

The Meckering Earthquake

The history of daylight saving in WA

Coles cafeteria in the CBD

Atlantis – abandoned marine park

The History of Perth Normal School and Perth Modern

Armistice DAY 1918 – how teachers would have experienced the end of the war

Novel Specific

Life imitating art

Meeting the family

A grave discovery

An open letter to members of the Turpin, Regan and Blair families

A character by any other name

The ANZAC boys

A stroke of bad luck

How I came to start my novel, part III: Doris Turpin, the teacher

How I came to start my novel, part II: The 1920s landowner

How I came to start my novel, part I


My favourite books of 2021

2021: My successes and failures

Literary Easter eggs

Journalling the Pandemic

2020: My Best Year Yet

How to make a book tree

Should we be writing about the pandemic?

Spending the $50million

Stocktake on words 2019

The first lines of Australian novels written for COVID-19

When good comes from bad

Why writing a first draft is like having a baby

100 days of writing

Stocktake on words 2018

The future is unread books

A writer by any other name

Brown eyes and spaghetti (my side of the story)

The importance of a letter (doing your research properly)

The brutal truth of making money as a writer

I write therefore I am (first blog from 2013)

Short Stories

A few thoughts on short story plots

The new writer’s room

A whoop in the dark


Can you make money from blogging?

When should you say goodbye?

How to market yourself

Starting a new blog – mistakes I won’t be making

I want to write for you, not talk to you

1,000,000,000 clicks and counting – how to write a viral blog post

What’s it like receiving free stuff?

I don’t think I am a stalker

So, you want to be a restaurant reviewer?

Bloggers versus writers

Should you let other people republish your posts?

How to unblock bloggers block

What I have learned from writing for an online website


Sold a Story – podcast review

When words are hard: dyslexic authors

Seeing the world through her eyes

How dyslexia affects my daughter

Opportunity Lost (TW: pregnancy loss)

Keeping Mum (TW: pregnancy loss)

Why you should never Google yourself

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